Using brochures from external marketing agencies alongside Realla

A brochure from an external marketing agency can be used to compliment Realla's microsite's and email campaigns. In this instance, the brochure will replace the Realla-generated PDF.

Uploading an external PDF brochure

  • Within the disposal, click on the media store tab and navigate to the other documents section.
  • Simply click, drag and drop the external PDF Brochure to the relevant section.
  • Now that your brochure has been uploaded to Realla, you need to select the appropriate type tag. This tells Realla what the purpose of the document is.
  • Click on type, select original brochure and then click the green tick button to save your changes.

Linking an external PDF brochure to the microsite

To allow your brochure to be downloadable from the microsite, do the following:

  • Click on the microsite tab
  • Under the general section, toggle the replace Realla brochure switch from off to on.

Linking an external PDF brochure to an email campaign

To link your external brochure to your email campaign, do the following:

  • Within an email campaign, there will be a switch to link to your own brochure. Simply toggle this switch from off to on.

And that's it! You are now using a designed PDF brochure, alongside state-of-the-art digital marketing - Best of both worlds!

IMPORTANT: If you have integrated your website with Realla or feed to 3rd party portals (Zoopla or Rightmove) through Realla, your external PDF brochure can also be downloadable / attached to your listing.

With your disposal built and brochure uploaded, you can now list your disposal on the Realla portal.