Troubleshooting Google Maps on your microsite listing

There may be times when Google Maps does not recognise an address. This can result in the location of your building being displayed incorrectly on Realla generated marketing collateral.

Let's look at a real example.

  • The address below is of a petrol station located in Leicester
  • As you can see from the Google map & street view image below, the address has been recognised incorrectly. This is clearly not a petrol station.

With a bit of patience, this can easily be fixed!

  • First, check that you have entered the address of the building, correctly
  • If the address is indeed correct, the next step is to manually find the building in Google maps
  • Make sure you are within the disposal, and currently viewing the location tab
  • Under the address section, click the edit address button then click on next
  • As you can see from the image below, despite the address being correct (Dysart Way) Google has incorrectly pinned the location of the building (Syston Street)
  • Before you begin the search for your building, switch the map view to satellite and enable labels
  • Google labels roads, streets, prominent buildings & key amenities. If your building is a prominent building or a key amenity chances are, that it has been labelled on Google maps
  • To change the location of the building, simply click and drag the pin. Once you are happy with location of the pin, click the finish button to save your changes.
  • The Google map images are now correctly displaying the petrol station.

With a bit of patience and a keen eye, you should be able to locate your building very quickly.

If you're unable to locate your building and need further assistance. Contact a member of the Realla customer support team via the live chat on our website. Alternatively, send us an email.