#TIP: Use high resolution photos

Photos can make or break a prospective tenant or investors first impression of your property.

With countless listings to review and limited time, tenants won't hesitate to move on if photos don't reflect well on a property. Realla marketing collateral looks best with well lit, high-resolution photography.

The examples below, are of real listings. They demonstrate perfectly how well-lit, high resolution photos can make a property stand out and grab the attention of prospective tenants.

(Colston Tower - Marketed by Savills)

(Festival Tower - Marketed by JLL)

We advise using a minimum of eight photos, for best results.

If you are taking photos on your iPhone or iPad, upload the photos directly to your disposal using the Realla iOS app! To download the app, click here.

Users of Realla regularly use eHouse for there commercial real estate photography needs. You can now order photos from our photography partners within Realla. To find out how to do this, click here.

If you have an in house photographer or use a freelance photographer, have them sign up to Realla and make them an editor of a particular disposal. They can then upload photos directly to the media store. Access is on a per disposal basis. Photographers cannot access all of your disposals.

If you have any questions regarding editors or would like to know more about commercial real estate photography, drop us a message via the live chat on our website. Alternatively, drop us an email.