Sending an email campaign

Realla allows you to create E-Mail marketing campaigns for your building, with just a few clicks.

Creating an email campaign

  • Within the disposal, click on the email section then click on create a campaign.

Picking contacts & contact groups

  • You can email market your buildings to both individual contacts and contact groups. If you have contacts list that need to be uploaded to your contacts book, please contact a member of the Realla customer support team.
  • Type the name of individual contacts or contact groups in the relevant fields.

Work your way through the input form. Customise the subject line, turn on/off any logos, add opening and closing text, turn on/off any relevant content sections and select your primary and secondary images.

  • #TIP: Try to keep email campaigns light. If you create a dense email with a lot of information, this may result in poor click through to the microsite. For best practices on how you can better market via email, please see the following email marketing guide - click here.

Previewing your email campaign

  • You can send a test email to yourself by clicking on email test.
  • You can also send a test email to other members of your team, or even your client for sign-off. Simply type their email addresses in the test recipients field, and click on email test.
  • You can also preview your email from within your browser, by clicking on browser test.

Sending your email campaign

  • Once you are happy with your email, click share this listing, to send the email.

Once you have sent your email campaign, you can view detailed tracking statistics and monitor campaign performance. 

We have also created a digital marketing guide for commercial real estate agents. To download the free guide, click here.