Managing contacts in Realla

Organise and manage your contacts effectively with the Realla contacts book.

Adding a new contact

To add a new contact:

  • Simply, click on the create new contact button on the dashboard.
  • Follow the steps through; the contact input form is designed to be intuitive to use.
  • Click save to contacts to finish.


  • When entering a contact use companies house where possible, to enter organisation information. This will help maintain the purity, accuracy of your requirement database i.e. avoid misspelling organisation names and double entries of requirements.

Creating a contact group

To create a new contact group:

  • Click on manage contacts, from the dashboard and then click on the manage groups button.
  • Click on the create a new group button.
  • Name your contact group and set your group type i.e. do you want to keep this group private, or allow your colleagues to have access to it.
  • Once you are done, click save and add contacts.
  • Tick the contacts you would like to add to your newly created group and click on add to save your changes.

Exporting contacts

To export your contacts, simply click on the download XLSX button.

Uploading contact lists to your contacts book

Contact lists must:

  • Be either a CSV or Excel file format
  • Have the following fields: First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Address and Name of contact list (Additional fields supported: Primary phone number, secondary phone number & notes.

If you have any contact lists that you want imported, contact a member of the Realla customer support team. Drop us a message via the live chat on our website. Alternatively, send us an email.