Making the most of your email campaigns

E-Mail marketing is all about using best practice to drive your target market from one stage to the next - and tracking their movements. This will allow you to create a list of qualified, high quality leads to follow up.

The Customer Journey

1.Receive email => 2. Open email => 3. Click through to website => 4. Qualified lead

Digital tracking allows you to know which of your email list is reaching which stage of the process. The more good quality leads you can get to stage 3, the more effective your email campaign has been. Following up with these leads will complete the process of ‘best practice’ marketing. Working out the strengths and weaknesses in an agency team (i.e. stage 1, 2 or 3?) will help drive better results from your online marketing.

It sounds obvious - but remember that your target market is agents, investors or tenants with relevant requirements. So make sure that they have enough information to know what you are sending is relevant to them - but not so much that they don’t need to move onto the next stage.

  • The “Subject line” box will drive people’s decision as whether or not they open the email - make it noticeable - with enough information that targets know to open the email. Items like floor area and location are important drivers to encourage a relevant target to open the email e.g. “High profile office space from 2,500-15,000 sq ft in central Hammersmith".
  • High quality images give targets the most alluring information to encourage a clickthrough - but key summary points are the opportunity to get the most important USPs of the property across. Marketing flair can be more impactful than facts about specification!
  • Don’t put so much information into the email that targets do not need to click on to the website - leave them wanting more! For example leaving out pricing information can be a good filter.
  • Make the microsite as compelling as possible once they arrive - well-written copy, 3D tours, floor plans and a well stocked data room will make your listing stand out.
  • Clickthroughs from a focussed list of agents / known targets are the best possible leads - review the results of your email campaign and follow up with a call!

We have also created a digital marketing guide for commercial real estate agents. To download the free guide, click here.