How do I add an agent to my Realla microsite?

This help guide explains how to add an agent as a contact on a Realla microsite, ensuring the enquiries go to the correct team.

Adding an agent to your contacts book

Before attempting to add the agent to your microsite, they must already have a Realla account and be saved as a contact in your contacts book. To do this, click Contacts on the menu bar, select Add A New Contact, complete the requested information and click save as shown below:

Please note, if you click connect, the person will not be saved to your contacts book and therefore you will not be able to add them as an agent on your disposal.


Adding agent to disposal

Once you are back in the disposal, select Contact Details, click the plus symbol and enter the agents name. If you have done the above correctly, the agent should appear as shown below:

How to add a contact-1

Selecting an agent will pull through all of their contact details, as well as the photo from their profile, if they have completed their profile. The maximum amount of agents allowed on each disposal is four.

Need help with adding an agent to your disposal?

If you have a question or query regarding adding an agent to your disposal, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can contact the Realla customer support team by sending us an email.