How to improve your listing completeness score

Created a listing on Marketing Centre and want to improve your listing completeness score? This guide walks through the various things you can do to achieve a higher score.

Once you’ve logged into Marketing Centre and have created listings, you’ll see a list of your listings under the My Listings tab.

Each listing will have its own completeness score, which gives landlords and agents an idea on the quality of the listing.

It is a function of two key components, timeliness and content. If the score is anything below excellent we recommend you update the listing and add content.

To understand what is affecting your score, click the want to improve link.

Example of marketing quality score-1

This will pull up your listing completeness percentage and the days since the listing was last updated.

Example of marketing quality score 2-1If a listing hasn’t been updated and confirmed in the last 30 days, it will negatively affect your marketing quality score. Keeping your listings up to date is key. Once you’ve made changes, or everything is up to date, click confirm up to date.

To find out what content needs to be added to improve this score to excellent, the bottom of the pop up module lists what pieces of content needs to be included in order to achieve an excellent quality marketing score.

Click the improve your listing button, you’ll be taken directly to the listing’s detail page to make edits.

Need help with accessing your enquiries?

If you need help with finding your enquiries on Marketing Centre, please view our help guide. If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact the Realla customer support team. You can do so by sending us an email.