How to create great looking microsite listings on Realla

A visually appealing, content rich listing will not only grab the attention of potential tenants and investors but also help to rank higher on Google!

Certain pieces of information are essential to include if you want to get the best visual impact from your Realla campaign:

  1. Always provide a short & concise building name e.g. first line of address and first half of postcode
  2. Always fill in the strapline
  3. Always fill in the building overview
  4. Always fill in the summary points
  5. Always use original copy - Google favours original and unique content
  6. Always enter the full address and configure the map outputs
  7. Always add location tags to rank your microsite higher in a given location
  8. Always use well lit, high resolution photography. For best results use 8 photos (mix of portrait and landscape photos) as a minimum, this will ensure a complete, photo gallery appears on the microsite. If you are short on photos, 1-2 photos will suffice. If you do need photography for your building, this can be ordered within the media store in Realla.
  9. Always add titles and descriptions to your photos and floor plans. These are crawled by Google and can help increase the ranking of your microsite.
  10. Always add contact details have been added to your microsite

Below are real examples of complete microsties created by Realla users: