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How do I enquire about a property I've found on Realla?

As a tenant or investor, you are able to enquire about properties that spark your interest in two key ways.


If you have searched for a property on Google and have landed on a property web page, you will see a web form that you can fill in. Fill in the web form and click on 'submit request' to send your enquiry. Your enquiry will go directly to the agent or landlord responsible for marketing the property.

Contact us form


If you would rather contact the responsible agent or landlord by phone, you can do so. To view the appropriate phone number, simply click on the button named ‘click to reveal’. You will be presented with a phone number to call and a property code to enter. Once you have called the number and entered the code correctly, you will then be connected to the appropriate agent marketing the property.

Reveal phone number

Not received a reply from your enquiry?

If you have enquired about a property and not heard back from the agent within 24 hours, please send us an email. We have a team who work closely with the agents and can contact them on your behalf. 

If you have any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact the Realla customer support team.