E-Mail campaign reporting

Upon sending an email campaign, you will receive an auto-generated report displaying basic campaign statistics.

However, you can view detailed campaign statistics to provide you with valuable insights into your email marketing campaigns.

Accessing email campaign statistics

To check on the performance of a campaign, do the following:

  • Within a given disposal, click on the email campaigns tab and click on view.

You can view basic campaign details, campaign statistics as well as detailed recipient statistics.

Recipient statistics

Realla tracks email campaign opens as well as click throughs to the microsite. Use the recipient statistics to gauge interest and pre-qualify leads.

  • #TIP: You can download an excel file containing 'opened' and 'clicked' recipient information. You now have a target list which you can follow up with calls or with a focused email campaign.

We have also created a digital marketing guide for commercial real estate agents. To download the free guide, click here.