Choosing which property portals to market your building on

If you feed to other portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, EG Propertylink or NovaLoca you can choose which portals specifically to list your disposal on. To do this, do the following:

  • Within the disposal, click on the overview tab
  • Scroll down to the exports settings section
  • You can choose which portals to list your disposal on, by toggling the relevant switches, yes or no
  • You can configure the above, before or after you make a listing live
  • You will notice in the top right hand corner a switch set to draft. Simply toggle the switch from draft to live, to list your disposal on the applicable portals
  • NOTE: All live disposals, will be listed on the Realla portal and on your website (if integration between your website & Realla has been completed) by default

If you do not want your disposal to be discoverable on the Realla portal, the disposals publishing settings need to be set to private. To do this, see below:

  • Within the disposal, navigate to the details tab
  • Under the key details section, is a field called publishing settings
  • To hide your listing on the Realla portal, click on private

Once you have listed your disposals you can then manage and check the status of these disposals within Realla. To find out how, click here.